We want people to enjoy the sun by enabling them to create a shade in a beautiful yet simple way, a shade which transforms their garden or terrace into an attractive oasis of tranquillity and enjoyment.

For your home we consider asthetics as well as providing the best level of protection for your family. Long lasting, maintenance free construction adds value to your home. At Instaco we choose only the very best fabrics, design, fabrication and qualified installers. Call us now to arrange for an onsite inspection and free quote. Instaco BSA licence no 1203267

Extend your home living space to enjoy more of the beautiful outdoors with a purpose-built shade solution.



  • Entertaining Areas
  • Patios
  • Pool Areas
  • Garden Greenhouse
  • Carports

Certification & Engineering

Instaco provide full certification for every shade structure we design and install. Our experienced engineers are available to design your structure from the foundations up, to ensure it is strong, secure and fit-for-purpose.


Instaco offer full on-site measure, quote and installation for every Shade Structure. Our professional tradespeople can offer advice on everything from site preparation, council regulations and engineering standards for the safest and longest lasting shade structure available.



  • Weight - 330gsm
  • Width - 300cm lay flat
  • Length - 32m and 50m. Customer lengths upon request
  • FRASI530.2 - Flammability 1, Spread 0, Heat 1
  • FRASI530.3 - Ignitability 13, Spread 7, Heat 2, Smoke 5
  • Burst AS2001.2.4 - Mean 3000K PA
  • Strip Tensile ASTM D 4595 - Warp 18kN/m, Weft 26kN/m
  • Tear Strength ASTM D 4595 - Warp 200N, Weft 196N
  • Elongation at Break AS 2001.2.3.1 - Warp 67%, Weft 57%
  • Breaking Force AS 2001.2.3.2 Warp 979N, Weft 1228N
  • UVR/UPF/Shade Cover - AS 4174
  • UV Warranty - 10 years, conditions apply
  • Stentered - Yes, steam stentered in a flat position for superior lay flat fabric as opposed to hot rollers


Round and square post profiles are popular and commonly available. Instaco can advise a design style and profile to suits all requirements. Posts are available in plain Galvanised Steel, Stainless Steel and Powder Coated Steel.


Every Instaco Shade Structure comes with a minimum 6 Years Builders Warranty and our fabrics come with up to 15 years Warranty (conditions apply).

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