Patio Wall Mounted

Patio Wall Mounted

With the Wall Flex Umbrella you are never hampered by a central pole or a parasol foot. The Wall Flex Umbrella has higher wind resistance than traditional parasol and is easily tilted or tipped to turn with the sun. The parasol closes on its arm and can be easily removed. Ideal for balconies, entrances, cafes, restaurants and small entertaining areas.

Special Features
>> Wind Rating 40km/hr
>> Anodised Aluminium Frame
>> UV Resistant Polymide Parts

Umbrella Holder
>> Standard (2 parts) 185cm
>> Long (2 parts) 235cm 
>> King (3 parts) 235cm

Umbrella Size
>> Square 190cm x 190cm
>> Hexagonal 220cm Diameter
>> Hexagonal 270cm Diameter

Wall Fixation
>> Anodized aluminium wall mount

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