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Cafe Clear Blinds

Create a cosy environment while maintaining an open feel.

Whether you are looking for cafe clears in your restaurant, swimming pool enclosure or home, Instaco Cafe clear Blinds have the perfect solution. Our cafe clear blinds are available in plain or tinted and can be installed on a rope and pulley system or in our Slidetrack manual or motorised system.  We only use Japanese clears because of their clarity and resistance to fogging. You know when you have our clears because they stay looking good for many years. 

A beautifully designed system that has been created to be unobtrusive and present clean, functional lines
Fabric is held in tracks on both side preventing excessive fabric movement, noisy flapping and provides a seal on both sides.
Intermediate locking positions can be easily provided, so that blinds may be set at an ideal shading height.
Customers with multiple blinds can select an intermediate position which allows their blinds to line up neatly.
A vee-seal or round seal at the base of the bottom bar is provided as standard to prevent marking floor surfaces.
Locks can be offset to one side and separate locks can be fitted to both sides of the blind if required.



  • Drops up to 3m and spans up to 4m 
  • Manual - hand crank
  • Motorised - wireless remote
  • Aluminium bottom bar and top tube
  • Stainless steel internal components
  • Wide range of colours
  • Clear or tinted PVC
  • Made using premium quality Japanese PVC
  • Renowned superior clarity, consistency and durability
  • Tried and tested technology specifically formulated for Australian conditions
  • 5 year manufacturers warranty


Restaurants, Cafes, Swimming Pools, Showrooms, Retail Centres, Schools & Bars


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