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Louvretec Sun Louvres Airfoil

Airfoil Sun Louvres can be motorised, hand operated, end fixed, bracket fixed in place or the louvre infill of your Louvretec shutters.

Louvretec Australia's Airfoil Sun Louvre range includes 8 different sized louvres starting with the 70mm wide mini louvre right through to 600mm maxi louvre with lots of different sized louvres in between.

Louvretec sun louvres and shutters are available in so many powdercoat or anodised colours. Click here to see.

Constructed of aluminium they're durable too.


  • 8 different sized Airfoil Sun Louvre blades to choose from
  • Achieve privacy, security, wind and sun control
  • Allows for light, shade, airflow & temperature control
  • Designed to enhance the aesthetics of any building
  • Architecturally desirable
  • Engineered design
  • Can be retro-fitted or incorporated in to a new build
  • Custom made to your requirements
  • Available in a large range of colours, powdercoat or anodised finish
  • Choice of frame
  • Fully engineered with Louvretec warranty
  • Motorised & hand adjustable options
  • End fixed, bracket fixed & louvre infill options
  • Fully engineered and certified for residential & commercial use
  • Made of aluminium ensuring a high level of resistance and superior durability in seaside areas and exposure to the elements

Automation & Engineering

Louvretec's Airfoil Sun Louvres are available motorised, hand operable, incorporated in to a slider/shutter system, end fixed or bracket fixed.

Motorisation using Spiral Pivot system  Louvretec's award winning Spiral Pivot system is what drives the louvre blades to rotate upt 180 degrees. The beauty of this drive system is that it is hidden out of sight  || The Spiral Pivot system is linked to a custom made gear box & driven by a Somfy tubular motor  ||  The Spiral Pivot system is also used for hand operable louvre panels 

Motorised Maxi-Drive Pivot System  Louvretec's large 300mm wide Maxi Sun Louvre is operated by the new Maxi-Drive Pivot system  || Maxi-Drive has been designed specifically to power larger louvres  || A Somfy motor is located within a structural frame driving a heavy duty custom engineered gear box. The gear box operates the drive blade which via  heavy duty connecting arm operates the louvre panel  ||  Also used for hand operable Maxi louvre panels.

Hand Operable Drive Systems  Louvretec Airfoil Sun Louvres are available hand operable using the KISS Pivot system ||  The KISS Pivot system operates a number of Airfoil shaped blades  ||  The KISS Pivot system operates off double drive-arms that can be locked closed or in various open positions  || 

End Fixed Louvres  All Louvretec sun louvres can be end fixed and all have internal screw fixing ports which allows the blades to be end fixed set at any pitch and centre  ||  Used for vertical louvre panels or overhead louvre panels

Bracket Fixed Louvres 
All Louvretec sun louvres can be bracket fixed using Louvretec's proprietary bracket fixing systems  || Die cast or extruded brackets are custom made site specific  || Used for vertical louvre panels or overhead louvre panels



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