Cricket Pitch Covers

Cricket Pitch Covers

Designed to keep a wicket dry even in the heaviest rain storms, Instaco Cricket Pitch Covers can be supplied in one piece, or in modules with special overlap joins that are fully waterproof.  We use and recommend Canvacon 5000E because it is proven to be resistant to flex cracking.

Instaco supply quality cricket covers for Australian clubs, and exporting to other cricketing nations. From the Gabba in Brisbane to Melbourne's MCG, right through to local clubs and schools, covers are tailor made to suit - your choice of size, material and finish options.

>> Low maintenance & long lasting
>> Superior quality
>> Lightweight material for easy handling
>> Reinforcing options to suit your needs
>> Waterproof joins for large covers
>> Brass grommets every edge 1.2m apart
>>  Resistant to flex cracking

Hessian Covers
We also provide hessian underlay’s which are used in conjunction with our waterproof covers in the prevention of condensation build up and sweating.

'CoverBuddy' Sand Bags
Used to weigh down the cricket pitch covers, each 'CoverBuddy' is 750mm long when filled and 140mm in diameter. The CoverBuddy sand bag holds 0.01m³ of sand or 1 cubic metre will fill 100 bags. The bags are supplied empty with a ezy-fill system at one end for easy filling.