Shade Fabrics

Shade Fabrics

Extra block is a durable and attractive outdoor shade fabric designed to protect people and property from our harsh Australian conditions such as ultra-violet rays, heat and glare as well asasthetics. 

Extrablock has high levels of UPF/UVR/shade to protect you from harmful UV rays. It also has UPF/UVR/shade levels over the requirement for use in kindergartens, preschools etc

Extrablock colours are fire retardant except cream and beige at little more expense compared to other brands of shadecloth. 

Extrablock is the perfect choice in public areas, high fire risk areas, areas prone to vandalism, parks and schools. Extrablock is the result of years of R&D by ALNET to achieve a true structural shadecloth. The aim was to make a shadecloth with similar stretch features as a reinforced PVC.

Fabric Features
>> 10 Year UV Warranty
>> Wide rolls means less seams
>> 330gsm Heavy Duty Fabric
>> Heat-set for extra Stability
>> Mildew and Mould Resistant

Uses & Applications
>> Shade Structures
>> Shade Sales
>> Umbrellas
>> Childrens Playground Areas
>> School Outdoor Lunch Areas
>> Swimming Pool Canopies
>> Outdoor Recreation Areas
>> Truck Tarpaulins
>> Nurseries
>> Car Park Structures
>> Carports