Roller Installation

Note: There are two tube styles – Fixed length and Expandable tube.

  1. After carefully unpacking, start by placing the tube evenly across one end of the pool. (Deep end or roller location)
  2. FM & LP models only - insert the castor wheels to the underside of the frame. With castors on the ground, tap the castor nut down through the frame with a soft hammer until they click together.

Assemble roller system.

  1. Slide the handwheel over the end slug – align holes, insert stainless steel screws (6) and tighten. Repeat for other end.
  2. Slide frame onto the end slug shaft.
  3. Insert end plug into frame. Finger tighten Bolt Head Nut only.
  4. Frame and tube are now constructed.

Attach “cut to shape” blanket to roller.
At this stage the Daisy cover has been trimmed, installed and on top of the pool water.

Roller Installation


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