Automatic Rollers

Removing and covering the blanket is childs play with the Auto Roller. To cover your pool, simply press the control button on your remote and guide the blanket out on to the pool with the "pull cord". To uncover your pool, press the control button and the roller will automatically roll the cover up. Just what you have been waiting for and It couldn't be much easier.  

The Auto power roller comes as a battery operated electric roller with AC charger, two remotes and controll buttons on the cast aluminium housing mounted on the end frame.  The disengage option allows for freewheeling rollout and rollup of the cover and is a unique featrure. 

Save on electricity and add a Solar Panel which clamps to the end frame and comes with analigning aid for best performance. This maintains battery charge using the sun's rays. 

>> Solar Panel Option
>> Panel option away from roller frame
>> Low Voltage - for safety
>> Totally enclosed motor system
>> Remote control 
>> Great for retirement villages
>> Disengage mechanism
>> Retro fitted to existing rollers

Automatic Rollers


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