Solar Blankets

Solar Pool Cover is used throughout the swimming season and with the assistance of a quality pool cover roller, it will save you time and make it childs play to wind the pool blanket up and roll it back on. Rolled out over your pool when not in use a solar cover will trap heat, retain that warmth, stop water loss as well as deliver all the other benefits listed above.

Our pool covers will add months to the swimming season and you can of course leave this cover on your pool over the non swimming months or extended periods of non-use. A solar cover will assist in keeping your pool cleaner.

Oasis Solarcover
>> 250 micron
>> Economical
>> Translucent blue blanket
>> Reduces evaporation by up to 95%
>> Light weight and easy to handle
>> 3 year pro-rata warranty

Oasis Solar Blanket
>> 400 and 500 micron
>> Premium grade
>> Classic blue bubble style
>> Reduces evaporation by up to 99.84%
>> Thicker and tougher than Solarcover
>> 5 or 8 year pro-rata warranty

Oasis Silverback
>> 500 micron
>> Heaviest grade of solar blanket
>> Translucent blue top
>> Silver back to hold in water heat
>> Reduces evaporation by up to 99.84%
>> 8 year pro-rata warranty

Oasis Koolcover
>> 400 micron
>> Will not heat the water
>> Suits hot climates or heated pools
>> Reduces evaporation by up to 99.84%
>> 5 year pro-rata warranty

Solar Blankets


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