Pole & Wall Systems

Pole & Wall Systems

Single Pole
>> 205 x 85 x 69cm
>> Anodised Aluminium
>> Single Umbrella Holder
>> Two Umbrellas with optional Duoflex Hinge

Multi Pole
>>230 x 95cm
>>Anodised Aluminium
>>One to four Umbrella Holders
>>Five Umbrellas with optional PoleTop

Poletop for fifth umbrella on top of a Multi Pole


Duoflex Hinge for single pole
>>Can be used on standard wall mount
>>To install second umbrellar holder


Wall Brackets 
>>Stainless steel
>>To install pole on the wall

Balcony Anchorage tension mount
>>To install a pole between two hard surfaces 
>>Single pole to be ordered with this