Cafe Multi Flex

Cafe Multi Flex

The Multi Flex Umbrella allows you to have up to five parasols attached to one lateral pole. Create a unique ambiance for your street cafe, restaurant, shopping centre mall, street mall, coffee shop.

Special Features
>> Multi Pole (up to 5 Umbrellas)
>> Wind Rating 40km/hr
>> Anodised Aluminium Frame
>> UV Resistant Polymide Parts

Umbrella Holder
>> Standard (2 parts) 185cm
>> Long (2 parts) 235cm

Umbrella Size
>> Square 190cm x 190cm
>> Hexagonal 220cm Diameter
>> Hexagonal 270cm Diameter

Pole Fixation
>> Round Support/Concrete Anchorage
>> Poletop for 5th Parasol

Fabric Collection

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