Rollerfall Blinds

Waterfall windows create a wonderful indoor living space with an open outdoor feel. But by having a glazed roof and glass facade, they often become too hot to use in summer. The Issey Rollerfall has been conceived specifically to make these sunroom areas more liveable. Offering versatile track shapes to follow existing structures with multiple deflections, the graceful Rollerfall creates a room with temperate and visual comfort while allowing natural light and your spectacular panorama to be maintained.

The motorised, retractable system gives you the power to control the climate by retracting or extending the shade as required, bringing cool shade in summer and warmth in winter. The design possibilities of the Issey Rollerfall are endless with the ability to cleverly manage large spans without losing design integrity. Whether designing a new building or renovating an existing facade, Issey can innovatively design and technically craft a durable, effective system for a harmonious look or an outstanding feature.

• Sunrooms
• Waterfall Windows

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