Microsun Skylight Blinds

Natural light cascading in from skylights creates a welcoming ambience in any home. However, its constant presence can cause problems when heat, glare and UV rays are admitted, or when you require the room to be darkened. The Issey Microsun is an ideal internal or external shade system for smaller skylights.

Sitting internally, the blind can stop light, glare and damaging UV rays; while sitting externally, the Microsun can also protect from heat gain. The skylight system is tensioned to prevent sagging of the fabric and to ensure smooth operation. Its compact construction enables the system to blend seamlessly with its surrounding architecture, and its colour versitality gives you the design opportunity to make it an eye-catching feature. Instaco provides intelligent solutions with durability and aesthetics to accomodate for any architectural style. We evaluate your unique situation and we use our expertise to create the perfect sun solution for you.

• Small Skylights
• Conference Rooms
• Presentation Rooms

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