Provence Timber Shutters

Provence Timber Shutters

Instaco provides discerning home owners with quality craftsmanship resulting in the finest internal window furnishing on today’s market. Like all luxury internal home furnishings the quality of the finished result depends largely on the quality of the original raw materials and the processes involved in producing the end product.

Our internal Timber Shutters are hand crafted from premium grade poplar found in slow growing, colder, high alpine climates.

>> A high quality timber shutter available
     as a local or fully imported range
>> Choose from 20 solid colours or stains
>> Framing options to suit any
     installation project
>> 89mm blade fixed or adjustable 
>> Can be fixed, hinged, sliding or offset

All Provence Timber Shutters use quality joint construction ensuring the shutters, whether hinged, sliding or bi-fold can withstand any susceptible force thus providing unparalleled levels of satisfaction. Quality tracking & hinging options to ensure the highest quality product is produced, special care and expertise is taken right from the commencement of manufacturing cycle.

The product has been designed to remain true and stable in window openings for today, tomorrow and years to come. All Provence shutters with a warranty of 3 years on paint finish and 24 months on joint construction.